Domitzi d.o.o. is a young company which successfully products and installs ALU and PVC joinery.

Company was founded to become one of the leading companies in its branch while market entry for itself with strong competition was challenge for itself.

For production of joinery we use latestmachines and huge quality components of world known producers that combined with professional stuff and team consisted of extraordinary workers gives you finished product which exceeds customer expectations and that is what improves the position of our company and customer confidence.

Continuous investment in fixed assets, research and developenet, setting high standards, expert stuff training, expanding the range of products is sure path of achieving the goal.

Effective service, professional approach, commitment of the team and satisfied clients shows that we insist on quality, endurance and perseverance of our products.

We possess the knowledge and tehnical ability to fulfill all of your wishes and desires, and with our professional approach the respect of pree-agreed  services is guaranteed.

We strive to keep our existing reputation and partnership and make some new partnerships.

We offer a wide range of services to be understood in our industry.

The most important can be found in the list below.

– production of PVC, aluminum and aluminum / wood windows and doors (custom-made)

– Aluminum facades and panels

– Glass facades

– Any type of glazing and glass walls

– Any type of glass sliding doors (custom-made)

– Winter gardens

– Shutters

– Insect protection

– Railings of all kinds

If a performance or performance group is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact our team.