• Fire-resistant glass for 30 minutes fire resistance
  • Clear fire-resistant safety glass for room termination (E30)
  • Safety glass on both sides according to EN 12600 – Class 1 (C) 1 – D: TRAV Cat. C2
  • Heat-Soak * -tested for long-term reliability in standard
  • Heat-Soak is delivery standard, ordering without HeatSoak test possible
  • Improved sound insulation (silence)
  • Increased security and object protection
  • Sun protection
  • Decorability by eg sandblasting

Product description, characteristics and application

SchücoFlam® E is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and offers in addition to its fire resistance and optimal smoke control characteristics. In contrast to normal pre-stressed glass, this fire-resistant safety glass has considerably improved mechanical and thermal properties for optimal protection of persons and property in the event of a fire.

In the event of a fire, SchücoFlam® E provides highly effective protection against the passage of fire, smoke and hot, toxic gases. In the event of a fire, the glazing remains transparent and intact and enables the persons in the building to escape safely. Rescuers are quickly aware of the  source of danger and can immediately initiate effective smoke extraction, fire and rescue measures.