• Fully against heat insulating transparent EI safety glass
  • Room termination and insulation from 30 to 120 minutes (EI 30 to EI 120)
  • Large glass dimensions possible – please see our documentation
  • Approved for both Schüco and Jansen systems
  • ESG design makes it especially robust for transport, handling and assembly
  • UV-resistant
  • Can be combined in many variations with other glasses

Product description, characteristics and application

SchücoFlam® C is a fire protection glass of two or more ESG panes. Due to the ESG design, it is particularly robust in transport, handling and assembly, UV-resistant and can be combined in many variations with other glasses in a multifunctional way.

The glass pane interstitial space is filled with a transparent interlayer layer. When the interlayer is exposed to the fire, it becomes opaque, foams, forming an insulating heat shield. The number of ESG disks and the interlayer layers is determined by the desired fire resistance duration. Thus SchücoFlam® C reliably meets the highest fire protection requirements.

The transmission or transmission of radiant heat is almost completely prevented for a certain time. Depending on the design, SchücoFlam® C can withstand fire up to 120 minutes. The opaque, insulating intermediate layer prevents the fire from being viewed, prevents panic, and directs the rescue forces to the origin of the fire.

SchücoFlam® C can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is used in steel and aluminum profiles and can be used as a fire protection window, door, partition, façade, as well as inclined and horizontal glazing.

Fast and reliable delivery

The production times for SchücoFlam® C are intended by us and kept as short as possible – please contact us.