• Element facade with attractive all-glass optics
  • Particularly narrow viewing widths up to 65 mm
  • Uf values ​​of 2.4 W / (m²K) to 2.7 W / (m²K) can be realized
  • Glow heights of 26 mm to 36 mm can be used
  • Integration of Schüco AWS 114 as a hinged or parallel opening window
  • Large-area automated window solutions for standard and RWA
  • Extensive system tests according to European and American test standards
  • High degree of pre-production in the workshop
  • Efficient assembly on site

Schüco Facade UCC 65 SG (Unitized Customized Construction) as a powerful, flexible modular system for element facades

The profiles of the facade are visible only in space, outside flush all-glass appearance with filigree joints.

With the window series Schüco AWS 114, inset elements can be used as swivel or parallel opening windows with sash weights up to 250 kg.

The element construction ensures a particularly rational production and assembly: less dependence on the weather, little space requirement on the construction site, short assembly time, low risk of glass breakages.