• Curtain facade with integrated inserts
  • High heat insulated .HI variant
  • Glazing Type: Structural-Glazing Step Insulation Glass (SG)
  • 85 mm inner viewing width
  • Opening elements as hinged or parallel opening windows with wing weights up to 250 kg
  • Opening elements operated by hand or motor
  • Motor drive: concealed
  • Maximum dimensions (W x H) to 2700 mm x 3600 mm
  • Fixed sections to 480 kg are possible

Schüco SFC 85 (Embroidery Frame Construction) – curtain façade with integrated inserts
Schüco SFC 85 is a curtain facade, which is attached to the building using posts and bolts as a supporting structure. Opening elements and fixed panels are inserted into the substructure as completely glazed and thermally separated frames. The inset elements integrated into the structure can be realized in large fixed-panel and wing formats with high element weights. Schüco SFC 85 offers maximum transparency with the same view width of the fixed field and wing.