• Narrow profile view width of 60 mm
  • Large screen widths and installation heights can be realized through glass loads of up to 600 kg
  • Extensive cover shell program offers excellent design variants for a wide range of facade impressions, eg visible
  • Bolted cover shell, flat cover shell or cover shell with steel optic
  • FW 60 + .HI can also be built with horizontal or vertical emphasis
  • Anti-intrusion, intruder inhibition as well as detonation inhibition possible
  • Can also be used as a fire protection façade (BF) (EI30, EI 60)
  • Tested lightning arrester hidden in the facade system
  • Light roofs in all forms buildable

Heat insulation and statics

The Schüco FW 60 + .HI heat-insulated post-and-beam façade systems, which have proven their worth in practice, have been designed to provide a completely different conceptual and design solution for vertical façades and light roofs – particularly with large screen widths and installation heights.

Roof molds: Pult roof; Wide stretched arcs for large objects for eg shopping centers or administrative buildings

The system variant .SI (Super Insulation) – see there – not only ensures compliance with current energy saving standards, but surpasses these partial values ​​already today with Uf values ​​of up to 0.7 W / m²K. Aluminum curtain walls made of aluminum are also possible.

The Schüco FW 60 + CW systems for cold and warm façades are suitable for the reception of all smooth and flat fillings and contain all components for the wall connection as well as the attachment of the substructure.