• Sliding or lifting elements with minimal running noises
  • Total thermal insulation U w ≤ 2.0 W / m 2 K
  • Up to 400 kg wing weight for lifting platforms (wing depth 50 mm)
  • Up to 300 kg wing weight for sling positions (wing depth 50 mm)
  • A flat glare frame profile provides a shapely surrounding frame
  • Applicable glass thicknesses from 8 mm to 32 mm
  • Anti – burglary class RC 2
  • 1-, 2- and 3-track installations

Insulated sliding or lifting screen system for large-area glazing

The Schüco sliding and lifting screen system ASS 50 is the basic solution for regions with basic requirements for thermal insulation. The insulated aluminum construction with narrow profile views of only 89 mm is suitable for large glass surfaces with maximum light transmission – with minimum space requirements.
For the sliding and for the lifting platform variant, fitting fitting and handle combinations are available.


This system is also available uninsulated.