• Flat glare frame profile as a surrounding frame with narrow viewing widths
  • Wing weight up to 160 kg and special casters for particularly quiet running
  • Completely concealed and therefore invisible hardware
  • Comfortable operation at the push of a button thanks to the integrated Schüco TipTronic fitting
  • Intelligent software anti-pinch protection
  • Use the Schüco AWS 50 series to make the top or side panels possible

Motor-driven sliding series

All fitting components of the sliding system Schüco ASS 39 SC TipTronic are installed in the casement frame and do not require any special programming. Convenient opening, closing and locking at the press of a button!
Advantage for processors: Profile processing and assembly steps are limited to the wing profiles.
Advantage for users: In addition to limiting the maximum force, the intelligent drive detects obstacles, reverses automatically and thus reliably prevents possible accident scenarios of a motor-driven system.