• Note: Available from May 2017
  • Schüco ASE 60 sets a new benchmark for sliding plants
  • Maximum transparency thanks to slim sash widths
  • Uf values ​​up to 2.7 W / (m²K) for sliding and lifting platforms
  • Wing weights up to 350 kg
  • Patented profile compound reduces bimetal effects to a minimum
  • Ground level sleeper and narrow center cuff (hooking)
  • Easy-to-use by Schüco SmartStop / Schüco SmartClose
  • For the time being, the opening types 2A / 1 and 2A are available from May 2017 onwards
  • 14 additional two- and three-track opening types available from January 2018

Heat-insulated sliding and lifting screen system
Thanks to its modular design, the Schüco ASE 60 sliding system offers the possibility to implement different heat insulation variants. Within the construction depth 60 mm, standard thermal insulation up to medium insulation can be achieved through various insulation zones.
A combinable fitting system reduces complexity and storage in metal construction for sliding and lifting / sliding applications. The central fitting groove (symmetrical flywheel construction) guarantees optimum weight distribution and thus weights up to 350 kg.
All wing profiles can be assembled without the need to roll. The result is a considerably reduced bimetal effect.
The sliding system Schüco ASE 60 sets new standards in terms of comfort and design.
Special feature

With the aid of the new comfort technology Schüco SmartStop and Schüco SmartClose, Schüco ASE 60 ensures easy and safe operation of the movable wings.