• Design Interior partition with 40mm viewing width
  • Sturdy construction also for use in high rooms
  • Flat design glass moldings, easy to assemble
  • Door versions in glass, solid wood and aluminum
  • Seals according to the profile color in black or gray
  • Glass thicknesses from 6mm to 15mm, noise protection up to 48dB
  • Cable duct for switch and power sockets
  • Simple installation of interior blinds for visual room dividers

Schüco AKS IW 40 – Room separation – design and comfort

Schüco AKS IW 40 is an economic system for the division of office spaces and / or passages. In contrast to simple and too light (resonant) partition walls, Schüco AKS IW 40 offers the necessary static conditions for high-quality brush panel separations. Door inserts are available in all-glass, solid wood and aluminum. The sound insulation was tested to 48 dB. Schüco AKS IW 40 is easy to build, efficient and versatile. Convince yourself by means of executed projects and references.

Special features Visibility or room darkening

In addition to the possibility to use glasses with screen printing, we also offer a special internal freestanding system for Schüco AKS IW 40. The slats can be operated via rotary control, hand crank or motor.