• Schüco ADS 90 PL SL.SI with softline design variant in the frame
  • High thermal insulation with a Uf value of 1.4 W / m2K at a depth of 90 mm
  • Increased noise protection due to circumferential center seal
  • Versions: 1/2-leaf, striking and opening inwards
  • Burglar resistance up to RC2
  • Doors up to 2500 mm height and 200 kg weight
  • Integrated comfort and safety functions: access control, video camera

Schüco Door ADS 90 PL SL.SI (Softline contour) – Door series for high thermal insulation

Schüco ADS 90 PL SL.SI is the ideal choice for residential and commercial buildings. This highly heat insulated door is ideal for improving the energy balance of a building. The construction depth of 90 mm allows for high thermal insulation while maintaining high stability. Schüco ADS 90 PL SL.SI can be equipped with a filling or triple glazing. This premium door can be combined with the Schüco Door Control System (DCS).