• Schüco ADS 70 SL.HI with chamfered outer contour
  • High thermal insulation due to foam composite insulation
  • Narrow viewing width from 147 mm
  • Versions: 1/2-leaf, opening inside and outside, antipanel doors
  • Integration in Schüco facade systems
  • Concealed belts for door fittings
  • Burglar resistance up to RC3
  • Compatible with the Schüco AWS 70 S L.HI

Schüco Door ADS 70 SL.HI (softline contour) – design series for optical accents
Schüco ADS 70 SL.HI is suitable for economical design solutions in combination with high thermal insulation. The system is convincing due to its small depth. The sturdy construction allows for room-high elements at narrow viewing widths. Schüco ADS 70 SL.HI can be used as a multifunctional doorway and integrated into building automation. Schüco ADS 70 SL.HI is suitable for optical acceptance or renovation.
Special feature

Compatible with the profile range of the Schüco AWS 70 SL .HI.