• Slim viewing widths of 50 and 60 mm for maximum light incidence
  • Large-area facade elements Thanks to optimized structural design
  • Highly insulated with Passive House certificate
  • Profiles in steel or galvanized steel
  • Glass thicknesses from 6 mm to 70 mm can be used
  • Post and beam post-assembly or unit construction
  • Object-specific solution for room-high hinged doors and doors
  • New high- tech profiles: manufactured according to EN 1090 with e x-marked static values ​​up to Ix = 1.965cm4
  • New high- tech profiles:  sharp-edged with only 2mm edge radius
  • New h ochstatische profile:  St a ngenlänge 8 or 10m for cross-story applications
  • New heavy-duty T-connector: For filling element weights up to 1900 kg, tested according to EN 1990
  • New heavy-duty T-connector: the bolts are simply attached after the post-installation has been completed

Jansen VISS façade – heat-insulated post-beam construction for complex light roofs and vertical facades

The steel profile system Jansen VISS façade is suitable for large-area, highly heat insulated vertical façades. The space-side supporting structure of the façade elements can be designed with narrow profile view widths of 50 and 60 mm visually light and varied. The system Jansen VISS façade ensures maximum light incidence. Transitions from the light-roof construction to the vertical facade are also optically elegantly solved.