• Optimized thermal insulation with Uf values ​​up to 0.70 W / (m²K) including screw influence
  • Reflective surfaces reduce energy losses due to heat radiation
  • Large glass loads of up to 700 kg per bar
  • Triple glazing with up to 82 mm glass thickness can be realized
  • Great program diversity with different profile depths
  • Comprehensive cover plate assortment for architectural and construction requirements
  • Innovative and patented system articles, simple, fast and safe processing
  • Integration of the SI components into the FW 60+ systems with full compatibility

Schüco FW 60 + .SI creates today’s climate – passiv house certified

Schüco FW 60 + .SI is today the heat insulation standard in the area of ​​mullion and transom façades. The use of highly heat-insulating materials also does not restrict the freedom of design and simple and rational processing.