• High energy saving by automated window and façade modules
  • Simple control of Schüco system components with safe radio system  (eg TipTronic or Schüco sun protection systems)
  • Commissioning without a PC
  • Adapted to Schüco portfolio
  • Ideal for renovation, modernization, retrofitting and expansion
  • Connection to other electrical systems in the building (eg dimmer)
  • Status LEDs indicate function
  • Switches already installed in the building can still be used
  • Commissioning via “touch and play”
  • Maximum transmission reliability through bidirectional radio transmission
  • Confirmation at transmitter by status LED
  • AES encryption (Highest security standard)  Processing advantages:
  • Products are supplied with standard configuration
  • No additional cable routing for switches / push buttons for element operation

Schüco WCS (Wireless Control System) the new Funksysem from Schüco

The radio-based Schüco Wireless Control System (WCS) consists of energy-efficient push buttons, switches and actuators, which enable the intelligent networking of automated Schüco system components such as TipTronic windows, sun protection systems or lighting. For example, when the TipTronic window is closed, the automatic radio control system regulates the sun protection, which automatically switches off. By controlling a variety of functionalities, the Schüco WCS can lower the building energy requirements and make the property more comfortable, safer and more stable.
The battery-operated WCS wall-mounted switches can be installed on almost all surfaces (eg glass or wood), offering the highest flexibility in the choice of the mounting location. The Schüco WCS can also be controlled with existing button programs and can be supplemented with other components such as dimmers. Through the use of Schüco WCS components, a building (even retroactive) can be adapted to the changed needs of the users. In this way, building functions can be made accessible, for example, to people with disabilities through targeted changes.