• Blast-resistant façade corresponding to EXV 19 (D)
  • Tested element dimensions 3485 mm x 3210 mm
  • Largest tested glass format 1545 mm x 1980 mm
  • High thermal insulation with Uf values up to 1.2 W/(m2K)
  • Extended application range based on calculations
  • Combined with Schüco window and door systems AWS 90 XR / ADS 90 XR on request 

Schüco FW 60+ XR Aluminum facade system for blasting inhibition

The Schüco façade system FW 60+ XR completes the product portfolio of the XR series tested according to ISO 16933. Planners and architects, this system offers maximum design freedom with tested glass dimensions up to 1545 mm x 1980 mm. Schüco FW 60+ XR was tested by an  explosion  , which was produced at a distance of 19 m from the test element. The façade constructions FW 60+ XR achieves the danger level D – very low risk according to ISO 16933.