• FW 50+ offers the right solution for every application and in all climate regions
  • Suitable for geometrically demanding light roof constructions and winter gardens
  • Outstanding design variations due to extensive cover shell program
  • Anti-intrusion, intruder inhibition and detonation inhibition
  • Can also be used as a fire protection facade (BF) (EI30 and EI60)
  • Concealed electrical cable routing possible
  • Simple, rational and safe handling of high weights
  • 30 to 82 mm glass thickness with loads up to 700 kg per bar
  • Reliable connection of building elements with new base sealing components

Unlimited possibilities and often proven: Schüco FW 50+

With the system families Schüco FW 50+ and FW 60+, completely different façades and light roofs can be realized rationally and safely. Thanks to its compatibility with many Schüco systems, Schüco FW 50+ is one of the most popular facade systems in Europe.