• Best thermal insulation by insulated reinforcement and sleepers
  • Flat, robust barrier-free threshold
  • Wing depth 70 mm, basic depth 167 mm
  • Multi-chamber technology in all design details
  • Seal system ensures maximum wind & shock resistance
  • Up to burglar RC2 through special invisible lock
  • Triple glazing for optimum noise protection
  • Large selection of different building types

Schüco Corona CT 70 HS – the thermally separated comfort-lift door

The plastic system Schüco Corona CT 70 HS is a construction based on the 70 mm system Schüco Corona CT 70.

Thermal insulation
Due to the thermally separated lift door base threshold as well as insulated frame reinforcement profiles very good thermal insulation properties are achieved. Plastic multi-chamber profiles, a wing depth of 70 mm and high-quality insulating glass create excellent thermal insulation properties Uw ≤ 1.4 W / (m²K).

Insulation against the outside
The threshold of the lifting door is designed in such a way that a thermal decoupling takes place between the outside and the inside area: “ground warm” floor areas are created in front of the window door system!
The innovative sealing system ensures maximum wind and impact resistance and optimum sound insulation. Proven locking systems meet the highest requirements with regard to burglary resistance.

Variety of types
Various types of building land: two-, three- and four-wing lift-slide elements with fixed and movable lift-slide casement
Offering full system compatibility of the lifting sliding Corona CT 70 HS windows and doors in the facade can be made uniform.

Color diversity
The integration into the Schüco color concept with Schüco Corona TopAlu, the associated aluminum header system and the Schüco folio assortment convince Schüco Corona CT 70 HS with an unlimited variety of colors.