• Steel- and insulation-foam-free frame construction
  • 82 mm for highest thermal insulation as 7-chamber profile construction
  • High-innovative chamber geometry with U w values ​​up to 0.6 W / (m²K)
  • Large volume chambers for additional insulation
  • 3-fold glazing with a glass thickness up to 52 mm possible
  • Profile-integrated aluminum reinforcements for high static requirements
  • Narrow viewing width of 120 mm ensures the best possible incidence of light
  • Excellent soundproofing, security and burglar protection
  • Wing geometry in wing offset
  • Silbergraue seals for white profiles – Black seals with foil profiles
  • Large color selection: solid colors, wood decor, automotive finish and aluminum cover
  • Fully recyclable

Patented system
The Schüco Alu Inside plastic system with 3 seal levels and patented aluminum composite technology is based on a 7-chamber design. With this high-heat-absorbing system, low-pass passive and low-energy-efficient windows can be realized cost-effectively and with the highest standard thanks to industrial production.
Thanks to a comprehensive range of accessories, a high degree of system safety is ensured.