• Schüco AWS 90 XR Blast-retardant system
  • DK windows according to ISO 16933 tested with EXV 19 (E)
  • Tested blade size 1210 mm x 1840 mm
  • Concealed fitting Schüco AvanTec
  • Systempass according to 14351-1 for Schüco AWS 90 XR
  • Thermal insulation with a U value of 1.6 W / (m²K)

Schüco AWS 90 XR – Explosion-Proof System

Schüco AWS 90 XR is tested in accordance with ISO 16933 in field tests. The tested DK window with the wing dimensions 1210 mm x 1840 mm can withstand a pressure wave of 169 kPa, which was generated by an explosion at a distance of 19 m from the test element. Thus the element reaches the classification EXV 19 (E) in accordance with ISO 16933.

Special feature

Danger level E describes a “low risk” (hazard level according to ISO 16933).