• Outward opening Schüco windows
  • Barrier free threshold with good impact resistance
  • New face-lift solution for maximum opening width
  • Wing weights up to 130 kg from 05.2017
  • New concealed hinged and folding hinged shears from 05.2017
  • Simple and fast processing















Schüco AWS 75.SI + OpenOut – outward opening windows

Schüco AWS 75.SI + OpenOut can already be designed as a cambered window without interfering central posts. The Schüco AWS 75.SI + OpenOut offers a comfortable access as a 1-wing or cuff element with a threshold height of less than 12.5 mm. The new fitting generation of retractable folding and swinging shears is easily and quickly installed in a concealed position. The new heavy load fitting allows large, expandable wing dimensions and wing weight of up to 130 kg. The new swing-over fitting is still equipped with a wing brake. This allows the wing of a window or terrace door element to be determined. The new swivel fitting has a cleaning position for easy window cleaning.