• Wind-independent sun protection with movable slats
  • Horizontal and vertical use
  • Lamella types: hollow lamellae, glass lamellas, Nadellamellen, Tech-Optik-lamellae
  • Linear drive with motor connection
  • Surfaces in Schüco finish anodised or color-coated
  • Highly effective shading throughout the year
  • Easy assembly

Schüco ALB movable (aluminum Louvre Blades) – visibility and sun protection

Schüco ALB is a sun protection for windows and facades in residential and commercial buildings. There are four slat types: hollow slats, glass slats, Nadellamellen, Tech-Optik slats. The slats can be arranged horizontally or vertically. The control is integrated in the lamella cover, which translates the linear movement of the motor into the rotary motion of the slats. With a wide range of slats, Schüco ALB offers mobile protection against overheating through optimized light incidence.