• Av Antec remote control handle in three different designs
  • Consistent optics for the Schüco handle design line
  • Remote control for operation from the desk or sofa
  • Profile-integrated Schüco TipTronic fittings for all available opening types
  • External receivers for the operation of venetian blinds with precise angular adjustment
  • Lock motor Schüco SafeMatic for the operation of doors
  • Selected power supplies
  • Test equipment for commissioning and maintenance

Schüco radio systems make the operation of windows, skylights and sun protection blinds easier than ever before. Opening, closing, airing and shading is simple and safe at the push of a button. As a transmitter, the Schüco AvanTec radio handle can be used or a compact mobile remote control, which is also suitable for the control of automatic rotary doors. For example, the profile-integrated Schüco TipTronic fitting for windows and skylights or the Schüco SafeMatic motor lock for doors are used as receivers.