• Schüco FACID is the first flexible system textile facade
  • High durability and reliability guaranteed for 10 years
  • Print design according to your own ideas
  • 3D moldability and excellent optics
  • Visibility and sun protection as well as noise protection
  • Numerous fabric materials available
  • Easy installation during initial installation and replacement
  • easy cleaning

Unlimited design freedom with Schüco FACID

Schüco FACID stands for modern and flexible architecture. The new system textile façade offers a large design spectrum through digital printability and three-dimensional moldability. Different fabric materials are available depending on the application and type of building. Particularly impressive are the high durability and easy maintenance (cleaning).

Special feature

Schüco FACID has been developed for large-format textile facades. Based on the patented “cloth holder technology” aluminum profiles span the fabric reliably and firmly in all corners and connection points. Burying or distortion is excluded.