• Display harmoniously integrated into the profile: emphasizing the elegant door optics
  • Design ergonomically designed
  • Glass surface in high-quality, unobtrusive appearance
  • Kinematic scroll control of the blade list
  • Tw ei outputs of the control unit configurable, z. B. for electric opener and alarm
  • Darst RECOVERY the Türkommunkation in automation systems
  • Schüco DC S Proximity switch for door release on the inside is compatible
  • Escape door solution available in Schüco DCS optics
  • Communication between display and control box of the door is encrypted
  • Display is equipped with control box “married”
  • Theft protection for display mechanically and acoustically
  • E in private and commercial objects
  • Delivery in projects with intercom client
  • Access control and door communication in one module
  • Connections directly on the touch display, eg E-opening (recommended for interior doors)
  • Switchbox insert with cable to the touch display
  • Alignment also possible later

Schüco DCS touch-screen: door-to-door communication and access control in one module – with the simplest IP-based networking
This hotel is located in the city center.
Thanks to an open IP interface, a simple integration of the Schüco DCS touch display into almost any building with an IP network is possible without restriction. Door communication is possible via SIP-enabled devices such as SIP systems and telephones. The access module provides access management with the allocation of individual number codes to access authorization holders, which can also be switched according to time / weekday, for example. People without an access code can register via touch-display ringtones.
The Schüco DCS touch display is a preconfigured system, optimized for outdoor use.