• Bullet resistance for windows of class FB4 by plug-in technology
  • High thermal insulation by foam-filled insulating bars
  • Fully tested in accordance with EN 1522 for bullet resistance
  • Stable prechamber hollow profiles
  • Fittings based on Schüco standard fittings
  • Window variants: side-hung / tilt & turn / tilt before turn and crank tilt & turn
  • Leaf weight up to 200 kg
  • Leaf sizes up to 1450 mm x 1800 mm
  • Narrow profile face widths, compatible with standard series
  • Combined with façade FB4
  • Use of Schüco Protect Glass for FB4 

Schüco ADS 90 BR Aluminum door system for anti-passivation class FB4

Schüco AWS 90 BR FB4 is based on the proven AWS standard series and is compatible with this series. The profile platform for bullet resistance is achieved by means of plug-in technology. A safety glass is part of this system. Schüco Protect Glass provides bullet resistance FB4 by different disk assembly. The possibility of combination of construction as a safety element in FB4 and RC4 (burglary protection and bullet resistant element) is optionally available.