• Schüco window AWS 60.HI with optimized thermal insulation
  • Uf value of 1.7 W / (m²K) with a view width of 117mm
  • Wide profile range 3 design lines: Residential Line, Softline and Steel Contour
  • Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart concealed fitting up to 160 kg
  • Crank-turn-and-tilt solution for heavy, large items
  • Burglar resistance RC 2
  • Adaptation to the door system Schüco ADS 60
  • Profile design multiple colors

Schüco AWS 60 is a system solution for international markets

Schüco AWS 60 provides the right combination of thermal insulation and tested system technology for each market. Schüco window AWS 60 is characterized by a low profile depth and narrow viewing widths. Efficient production and assembly are other advantages of the Schüco AWS 60 system.