• Note: current status: in study form, deliverable upon special request
  • Pleasant room relaxation despite an open window
  • Outer pane stationary
  • “Acoustic window” as a standard window system solution
  • Noise protection up to 39 dB in the tipped state corresponds to the specifications for a sleeping room
  • Schüco CCB sunlight protection – integrated reel-type blinds built in and concealed
  • Controlled ventilation for the intermediate window space
  • Fittings components comprising the proven Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart system
  • Automation possible with Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart
  • Casement weights up to 160 kg

Schüco AWS 120 AC.SI Acoustic windows with high sound insulation in tilted condition

The acoustic window Schüco AWS 120 AC.SI offers a high degree of sound insulation up to 39 dB with natural ventilation in the tilted state. Schüco AWS 120 AC.SI is a window system for energy-efficient building solutions together with the integrated sunblinding blind Schüco CCB. It offers high thermal insulation plus weather-independent sun protection.

Elegant and stylish design
Schüco AWS 120 AC.SI meets high design requirements thanks to almost invisible lamella packs.
When the blind is lowered, no lateral slot light is visible since the blind is integrated in the wing fold.