• Schüco AWS 114.SI thermally insulated with 3-fold glass up to 52 mm thickness
  • Fold-out and parallel opening windows can be integrated into facades
  • Standard glass pane with surrounding glass strip or with step-insulating glass (SG)
  • Uf values ​​up to 1.3 W / m²K
  • High burglary resistance up to RC 2
  • Optionally concealed motor drive “Schüco TipTronic”
  • Energy-absorbing opening limiters for crash safety
  • Fully balanced window system for low operating forces
  • Wing for maintenance work under full load (!) Height-adjustable

Innovative technology for beautiful and functional windows

Schüco AWS 114.SI is available in a highly heat-insulated version as a parallel opening or lowering window for best thermal insulation!
Large wing formats can be seamlessly integrated seamlessly into a wide variety of facades – wing weights up to 250 kg can be achieved. Extensive glass versions in triple double glazing and glass thicknesses of up to 52 mm are possible.
Schüco AWS 114.SI offers excellent comfort and safety: Adjustable opening limiters secure manually operable windows.
The window system is also available as Schüco AWS 114 SG, Schüco AWS 114 SG.SI in all-glass optics.

Special feature of the Schüco AWS 114.SI with motor drive Schüco TipTronic

Both protection classes SK 0 and SK 4 are achieved!
Folding and parallel opening windows are secured by means of safety engineering such as a completely profile-integrated protective roller according to VFF-Merkblatt KB.01 (Kraft-Actierte Fenster). Splash-proof cable connections allow easy installation of the profile-integrated Schüco TipTronic drive technology. – Assembly and assembly are particularly simple.