• Aluminum fire construction in EI30 / E30 to EN 1364/1634
  • System variant with a depth of 75 mm
  • Dimensions up to 1400 mm x 2000 mm
  • Removable handle
  • Concealed fittings based on Schüco AvanTec WK1
  • Alternatively, resting fittings
  • Highest possible use of the same standard from Schüco standard window systems
  • Use as an integrated window element in fire protection façades

Schüco window AWS 75 BS EI30 / EW30 Fire protection rotation or tilt block window for 30 minutes fire resistance

The new fire protection turn / tilt block window with a depth of 75 mm combines high functionality with a convincing design.
The windows of the fire resistance classes EI30 / EW30 according to EN 1364/1634 with the system fittings AvanTec WK1 or overlying fitting have all necessary tests. Schüco AWS 75 BS EI30 / EW30 windows offer highly efficient thermal protection, tightness and sound insulation. Architecturally interesting design options open up by the possibility of using as a block window with side part or two-part block window or integrated window element in fire protection facades. The use of standard system fittings (AvanTec WK1 or overhead fitting) with detachable handle eliminates the need for special fire protection fittings.